Customize all email scripts for sales and achieve bigger pipelines and higher revenue

Best email scripts for all b2b situations

AviraScriptsTM is an innovation that combines the best of market intelligence, technology intervention, business development support, and analyst expertise to deliver best-in-class email scripts for all business situations.

Build pipeline through customized email scripts

Customized email scripts are needed for every client as the standardized sales scripts no longer serve the purpose of establishing relevance, let alone closing sales. Avira, a marketing consulting firm, uses its strength in analyzing market trends, gathering pain points, unmet needs of prospects and thereby creates email pitch that accelerates client response.

Using our messaging services, we consult our clients by providing good sales scripts that run through a rigorous process of understanding the entire ‘need’ and ‘want’ ecosystem to the end-user.

Building Pipeline Through Customized Email Scripts

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Why is AviraScriptsTM impactful?

Through our primary research and market assessment activities, we gather unbiased and comprehensive insights on the end-users and can pinpoint the right messaging needed to initiate, establish, or upsell a potential client discussion through optimized sales scripts.

Our AI invoked technology platforms analyze tons of market data points from trend, competitive, and persona perspectives, thereby providing the correct nodes required for that designation, for that particular time, and for that product or service, making the sales pitch the most relevant one.

For effective lead nurturing programs, AVIRAScripts™ collaborates with the FABRIC™ platform and ABMi™

This incorporates a 4-pronged approach to identify gaps and find pointed challenges across the business ecosystem

Market or Industry level

A realistic and real-time mapping of products with the right audience is possible with this approach, further strengthening the personalisation approach.


Custom messaging or scripts will convey a warm approach toward prospects and avoid the “one medicine cures all” style.

Persona level

An empathetic approach with crisp agenda is possible with the help of FABRIC™’s Demand-side and Supply-side analysis of the client’s ecosystem.

Product level

Our scripts are devised through a data-driven approach to achieve mission-critical goals, by precise content and projecting a brand that effectively interacts with its target audience.

Enable smart conversions of pipelines to sales, through market intelligence

AviraScriptsTM is a collaboration between a market intelligence unit that understands the entire business ecosystem and a lead-generation unit that generates opportunities across the sales-funnel for its clients. The Account-Based-Market-Intelligence or ABMITM methodology helps streamline the sales scripts and enable smart conversions of pipelines and sales.


Our personalized email campaigns have always triggered responses and good ones into that. A healthy conversion from email campaigns drives good sales pipelines. The new normal demands the right messaging or risk of loss of opportunities. AviraScripts™ focuses on that content management, with focus on Email Scripts, thereby nurturing campaigns and conversion.

G. R. Viswanath
-CEO, Avira Group

Clients’ attention is drawn only when the content they see has a direct impact on achieving sales targets. Our email scripts stick to the purpose and focus on the client’s requirements while keeping in mind the readability quotient as well. AviraScripts™ helps build intuitive subject lines that define the essence of the mai

Rohan Salgarkar
-CSO, Avira Group





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